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Japan Virus Shut Out Card

Japan Virus Shut Out Card 日本随身携带式除菌卡
Made in Japan (Ready Stock)
RM35 (Include Postage for West Malaysia)

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*** BUY 1 Virus Shut Out Card FREE 3pcs Mask ***
*** 买一个除菌卡附送3片口罩 ***

* 外观设计像识别证可以挂在脖子上,外出携带方便
* 抗细菌范围达1m
* 开封后效用长达1个月
* 主要成份为ClO2(二氧化氯),是目前国际上公认的新一代广效强力杀菌剂
* 通过实验证实可抑制病毒、细菌、霉菌生长,花粉引起的鼻敏症状,对人体无害
* 附颈带
* 规格:约H7.2cmxW4.8cmxD0.3cm
* 产地:日本制

Product Features

* Toamit Virus Shut Out is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial personal protection device. This lanyard releases a low concentration of airborne chlorine dioxide to eliminate germs and viruses in the surrounding air.
* Toamit Virus Shut Out is a good option for workplaces, public transport, and any other crowded space where airborne germs and viruses are a risk.
* Each piece will last approximately 30 days after opening. This device targets airborne germs. It does not replace basic hygiene measures as recommended by the World Health Organization, such as careful and frequent hand washing, practicing respiratory hygiene, and avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth. If you experience fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, see a doctor immediately. Please wear a mask if you are sick.

How to use?

* Take Virus Shut Out from its package and use the included lanyard to hang around the neck. The product will react with the air and begin to work as soon as it is removed from the aluminum outer pack, so be sure not to open or puncture this pack until you are ready to use it.